Fleet News Service
FNS Cast

The Fleet News Service could not be possible without the members of the Terran Stellar Navy Role Playing Group!

  • Lt. Commander Morlock - Producer, Voice Acting, Scripting

  • Commander Matsiyan - Voice Acting, Scripting

  • Lt. Commander Mundy - Voice Acting, Scripting

  • Lt. Quinn - Voice Acting, Scripting

  • Ens. Xansta - Voice Acting, Scripting

  • Captain Fish Evans - Scripting

  • Captain Jemel - Voice Acting

  • Commander Aramond - Voice Acting

  • Lt. Beaumont - Voice Acting

Special thanks to our guest voice actors:

Fleet News Pulse theme by Conner Grifin

Please visit his website: connorgriffinmusic.com

If you are interested in writing or voice acting for the Fleet News Service, leave a comment!

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