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Fleet News Pulse Episode 26

This cycle on The Pulse...

Terror on the march!

Our continuing coverage of the traitorous TSN Fourth Light Division, now calling themselves the “Fourth Ranger Squadron,” Unukalhai attacks increasing on USFP colonies, and an indepth discussion about the sea change of opinion surging through the frontier!


  • Anchor: Lt. Cmdr. Morlock
  • Round Table Host: Cmdr. Matsiyan
  • Dev Kaydo: Lt. Jr. Jarfar Ironclad
  • Professor Taylor Karaweyun: Ens. Xansta
  • Radio Free Humanity Announcer: Cmdr. Aramond
  • Sinister Speeches: Cmdr. Hall and Cpt. Jemel Eahain
  • Horatio Mundy: Cmdr. Mundy
  • Science Reporter: Dylan (Knight Kiwi) Rasbold (@KnightKiwi on Twitter)
  • Scientist Amanda Hufford (@JustTheClippy on Twitter)
  • Marine Sargent: Stacey Cotham (@SCOnstage on Twitter)

Voices in the crowd:

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