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Pulse of the Imperium 8

This cycle on The Pulse...

Fourth hunter group is clearly earning the eye of the emporer, as it recaptures the krisenda command center, liberating the people from a bug infestation and continuing coverage of the situation on titan following the capture of moritani!

All Glory Be to Terra!

In 2237 the Fourth Light Division of the Terran Stellar Navy vanished into an interdimensional rift. Now they wear the crimson sword and planet uniform of the Terran Stellar Empire. The Union of Space Faring Planets is but a ragtag alliance of rebellion. Ambition and opression surround them. Who can be trusted, who must be watched, and where... is the way home?

  • Anchor: Lt. Cmdr. Morlock
  • News Roundup: Cmdr. Matsiyan
  • Interviewee: Lt. Cmdr. Mundy

Interested in learning more about the Terran Stellar Navy? We are an Artemis RP group that meets every Saturday at 20:00UTC


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Pulse of the Imperial theme by Moranbong Band, N. Korea https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSxXA4GxrbA

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